First Update

Hey Guys, a Lot happened since the original release. It took quite a while but we did a lot of work and have an Updated Version for you guys. To tell you what happened, let me give you a quick breakdown of what changed in the updated Version:

More Levels:

In the new Version are 3 more Level to play.

More Units:

The new Version has a total of 4 usable units.

  1. The fast and aggressive Skeleton. Destroy your enemies with an army of the undead. Fast, deadly but fragile.
  2. The distance keeping and supporting Watcher. Support your units from the back row or destroy your enemies from a distance. The choice is yours
  3. The persistent and stubborn Cyclops. Nothing shakes these beasts. Take on the full force of your enemies.
  4. The terrifying Demon Lord. The leader of the underworld. Aggressive, indestructible and feared. A true monster. But use him wisely, since there is only one of his kind.


A tutorial to help you to get the ropes and destroy your enemies got added.

General overhaul:

Big parts of the Interface got refined and worked on. Also the look of the stage selection and levels got improved.

Aside from adding new things we also fixed a lot of the issues the original version had. Here's a quick rundown of the things we fixed:

  • Story appeared every time the main map was entered
  • Attack animations freezed the game a few seconds
  • Unit overview had weird images of units
  • A loading screen got added

The current version still contains a few bugs, but we will fix them as soon as possible. Those known bugs are:

  • Watcher can not choose an attack on random occasions.
  • On rare occasions some fields are inaccessible

This basically summarizes all the changes in the new version of Dark Enlightenment. But this is not all I would like to mention. We have more plans for future versions of the game. Here is a little summary of out future plans.

  • More Story: Currently our story ends after the introduction. We have plans where we want to go with the story already and we will add it in future versions.
  • Tutorial: we got feedback that a few things of the gameplay seem a bit confusing at first, so we plan to expand on the tutorial to properly pass on needed information.
  • Attack Variety: More attacks with more different effects like area damage similar effects.
  • Enemy Information: We want to give players a deeper look into the opponents units than just giving an estimate of the life with a healthbar.
  • Musik + SFX: Right now the game is pretty quiet. We want to change that with music and sound effects.

We are always open for feedback (positive and), ideas and inspiration


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Jan 27, 2019

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